June 24, 2004

save lollapalooza

lollapalooza was set to be the best show of the summer. the lineup was absurdly out of this world good.

and yet no one bought tickets.

surely it's not for a lack of enthusiasm. the bands set to play all have dedicated loyal followings. surely these thousands of rabid fans just forgot to buy tickets early.

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June 23, 2004

mary kate's empty plate

it's all over. mary kate olson is getting treated for anorexia.

honestly i don't htink anyone is that suprised. it's obvious looking at pictures of her. j

the real story here isn't about mary kate olson. it's about the epidemic of anorexia, bullemia, and obesity that is so constantly reported on in the us. we're a society obsessed with diets and drugs, fashion and fat, calories and coping mechanisms. i've posted previously on my weblog about "pro-ana" websites, and recieved absurd amounts of feedback on the topic.

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June 21, 2004

Mobile warrior with the power of bluetooth & gprs & gps

I went on a little roadtrip today from Dallas to San Antonio.

I brough along with me my current mobile arsenal; my 15" albook, my motorola v600 (service w/cingular), my Belkin bluetooth GPS reciever, and some other various but not nearly as cool accessories.

I was able to use my v600 to get online via gprs connection. Everything worked perfectly with the help of the GPRS scripts from http://www.taniwha.org.uk/ . I made a few minor configuration errors at first - I entered *99 as the the phone number to dial via ppp, but the scripts already dial that part for you, so it's unnecessary. Silly me. Once that was fixed everything worked perfectly. A GPRS connection isn't quite the same as my dsl at home... but hey, it works, and it's pretty fucking cool to be able to be online anywhere anytime without any cables. Bluetooth really is the shit.

Sadly I can't say I've had as good of luck with the Belkin GPS. It pairs up fine with my powerbook, but so far I haven't gotten it to be recognized by any of the GPS/Mapping software I've used. I actually bought Route 66 2004 for mac, and it doesn't even work with the darn thing. It seems to recognize that there is a gps device on some odd port "/dev/cu.Bluetooth-PDA-Sync Bluetooth-PDA-Sync". Even then it gives some crap about the gps device being unnaccesable or some shit. I'm hoping I can work some magic with the Bluetooth Serial Utility and maybe that will get everything working. Stay tuned.

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June 20, 2004

Updated site soon... no... really...

I've slacked off about uploading the updated site, so for now everything looks the same. I've got a bunch of new content coming too though, new desktops mainly, lots (lots) of photos, and some updated patches and mac shit.

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June 10, 2004

update coming soon

hola readers. i've finally gotten up off my ass and updated the site. nothing significant, but a number of little polishes and touches all around. this will be the last time i change the site before the mythical full blown table free re-design that will incorporate all sorts of nifty css and php and other takes full advantage of the fact that i'm hosting my own site now.

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