September 28, 2004

mt-blacklist rocks the house

i just installed mt-blacklist and it kicks ass. soon i'll be re-importing ALL my old blog entries and despamming them. there is no joy like a good free spam filter. w0rd.

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Ever wondered how brakes work or which kind to get for your car?

There is an extremely interesting, informative, and completely un-edited thread on brakes at It covers everything from thermodynacis, cross-drilled vs slotted vs plain rotors, rotor size, tires vs brakes, and basically anything one could possibly imagine stopping a car.

The thread has been moved from a BB forum to a wiki. Wiki's are much better suited to knowledge management than BB forums. I might try and help edit the thread a little.

anyway. here's the link

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September 15, 2004

globaly conspiracy with the IMF, the Bush Family, Enron, and the Saudis. Not so much the Saudis.

I've been reading about a global conspiracy with the IMF, the Bush Family, Enron, and the Saudis. Not so much the Saudis.

Pretty serious stuff if it's real. I've never really bought much into the idea of any sort of "global economic conspiracy", but the idea of economically powerful people (dictators, ceo's, congressmen, labor union leaders, or just plain old rich people) ruling the world through global manipulation on virtually all levels isn't as hard to buy.

The part I don't go for in most conspiracy theories is the amount of secrecy that must be involved. The bigger the conspiracy the more people, the more danger of exposure. Huge conspiracies just don't seem to be realisticly possible.

The part that makes sense is that corrupt people on all levels of the ruling heirarchy are undermining the needs of society for their own personal benefits.

The people are not working in hidden bases plotting some great conspiracy. They are working within the system.

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