May 29, 2004

shake down of 1979

cool kids never know the time

gotta love the pumpkins

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May 19, 2004

new motorola v600 cell phone & my mac

I recently switched over from ATT Wireless to Cingular. I guess there's a little irony because the two are merging... however it will still be a while before they actually merge their networks. If they ever do.

So anyway. I had to get a bluetooth phone. Bluetooth is my latest mandatory gadget feature. I'm obsessed.

Bad News. It seems that iSync doesn't support the v600, so for now I have no address book. I really hope iSync gets updated soon...

For now I've been messing around with some third party applications like GSM Remote and...

Update : 5/25/2004
It seems that i can send contacts one by one using the send command in the address book. so between that and and the bluetooth file browser i've got pretty good bluetooth functionalilty.

I also finally got the phone working to get on the net via GPRS, cingular is my provider. Now I just have to figure out if all the data I download using my phone as a bluetooth modem counts under my $20 unlimited wireless media option, or if they're going to try and charge me extra...

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May 13, 2004

mac bluetooth gps devices

it seems as if it's about time to write a new post to my weblog. here's a little story for ya.

i got a nifty belkin bluetooth gps device. unfortunately i can't get it to work with my powerbook. at all. it pairs up, and that's about it. i can't find a single gps app that supports the damn thing. i've been trying to get a working gps for use with kismac for a damn long time.

can anyone recommend
- a) some gps software that will support this belkin thing i have now
- b) some other brand of bluetooth gps reciever that will work

i'm using this on my albook runnning Mac OS X 10.3.3. i'm not the best with the bsd side of my mac, but i can deal with having to compile open source stuff if that's the an option.

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