October 24, 2004

my mobile-photo-blog is up

yup. i've been meaning to get this set up ever since i got a camera phone, and it turns out yahoo provides a service that does all the dirty work for you. i didn't even have to edit a stylesheet. it may not be fancy, but it seems to work, and i think it will be a while before i exceed my 2gb storage limit.

here's my mobile-photo-blog

and again - that url is - http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/rettdot/album?.dir=mobile&.src=ph

i think i'm gonna have fun with this :)

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October 15, 2004

The tape trading culture finally goes digital

there's a huge grey area around bootlegs. i'm not sure what the law says, but i think the deal is; if you don't ever make a profit off the recording you can't get in trouble. (i'd love a lawyer to explain the details of all this to me); that or get a colo box somewhere that doesn't believe in copyright (does sucha place exist?).

anyway. people used to trade tapes. but we all know that's stupid. somebody explained bittorrent and lossless encoding to all those people that used to trade tapes, and they implemented a very very good seamless webwite that facilitates the downloading of live music via bittorrent. and it's really cool. and i think it will be BIG. soon. like. really big. i can't wait.

those people were the d00ds at etree.org . they rock. and btw, http://bt.etree.org/ is where it's at.

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October 11, 2004

my old original blog

my super old blogger blog is still around. you can see it at http://rdot.blogspot.com/. i'm just putting this link up to prove to you that i had a weblog before you did and am therefore much cooler than you.

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