July 07, 2003

my old blog lives again

i wash checking up on my old blogger account, and it seems they've just done a nice (and much needed) re-design. very simple, maybe a little too much. maybe i'm just used to over-crowded interfaces with flashy bright roll-overs. it also looks like it's done in xhtml 1.0 which is good (even if it doesn't validate).

the point of the matter however is that i re-published my old blog. you can check it out at http://rdot.blogspot.com/.

next step... get everything imported into movabletype...

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July 04, 2003

Nokia 3650s suck.

I've been playing with my sister's new Nokia 3650 phone and I really don't like it. The physical design us ugly, the ergonomics are horrible, and the gui and interface are bland and obtuse. The camera is cool though.

First on my list of gripes is the round keypad layout. What the hell were they thinking? Every other phone uses the standard keypad layout. Standards are good.

Did I mention all of Nokia's new phones are ugly and bloated with features?

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