June 30, 2003

i dream of ashcroft

i just had an interesting dream.

i'm walking around my neighborhood and low and behold who do i see walking down my street– none other than mr. john ashcroft himself. of course i do what any self respecting techno-futurist would do and start spouting off to him about the evils of drm (digital rights managment) and abuses of the copyright system by corporate america.

"you know what the best part is?" i ask. "you're trying to fuck up the future but you can't." at this point mr. a gets a call on his cell phone, and while he takes it his police escorts start to encourage me to leave him alone. they're persuasive.

so i move on down my street. all of a sudden i run into another group of evil suits. it's a gaggle of "industry" whores. a bunch of riaa lawyers, some marketing guys, and a slew of upper management. and there's the owner of it all. and he's short. then we go into a random house and that was the end of it.

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June 24, 2003

my photo on mirrorproject

i got my photo added to the mirrorproject site. you can see it here http://mirrorproject.com/mirror/?id=16333.

also, i should mention that i saw (the chick who runs mirrorproject) on a panel about collaborative projects at sxsw. she was really cool.

so if you haven't seen the mirrorproject, go check it out.

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June 20, 2003

Publishing 3500+ of my photos from 2002 under a Creative Commons license

I'm posting all of my photographs from 2002. There are around 3700. These images are being released under the Creative Commons by-nc-sa license.

The images are available at http://rett.rett.org/~rett/photos-2002/.

The images availabe here are medium-resolution (800x525) high quality jpeg files. I plan to release lo-res versions of the images directly into the public domain, and to sell prints of the original hi-res images.

If you have any questions or comments or would be interested in purchasing prints of any of these images please e-mail me. Or post a comment on my weblog.

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June 15, 2003

my wiki is up

i'm now running a wiki at i'http://rett.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl. check it out.

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i'm photoblogging, sort of. 3500 of my pictures from the year 2002 will be available online soon.

i've taken a lot of photos (3500) with a nikon d1 camera, and since it is digital i'm going to give them out on my website under a creative commons license.

i'll be selling prints too. and giving out desktops. the usual.

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June 07, 2003

Clear Channel Communications (CCU) buys FCC

WASHINGTON (AP)-- The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced today that it has agreed to be acquired by Clear Channel Communications (CCU) of San Antonio, Texas.

In announcing the deal, FCC Chairman Micheal Powell said "This transaction will greatly expedite the demise of the antiquated concept of local ownership of media outlets. Critics of deals such as this need to understand that Clear Channel embodies all that is good and decent in the broadcast industry, and anyone that believes otherwise clearly isn't listening to the news."

In a statement issued today, Clear Channel CEO Lowry Mays said "This acquisition is a perfect strategic fit for Clear Channel. The FCC has been a wonderful business partner for the past several years, and has carried out our directions with great enthusiasm. We are proud to welcome the FCC into the Clear Channel family of companies."

Although terms of the deal were not immediately available, It is said that the acquisition will include all components, operating units and assets of the FCC, except for its soul, which was sold in a prior transaction to Satan, Inc. in 1996.

Clear Channel, which owns broadcast facilities, shopping malls, billboard advertising, and concert promotion units all across North America, has been on an acquisition binge for the past several years, and has recently broadened the scope of its acquisitions to include government entities. In a recent deal, CCU purchased a 50% interest in the U.S. Congress, and is reportedly close to striking a deal to purchase The White House.

Clear Channel's Stock stood at $42.09 at the close of Monday's trading, up $1.39, or 3.42%

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June 06, 2003

watching tv

i've been flipping through the tv.

first, c-span. senator dodd is eloquent. senator lott has a serious southern drawl. ashcroft is almost as bumbling and i had imagined.

i'm now listening to some infomercial for "extenz" or something. it's a penial enlargement pill. if you lapse a little it almost seems to sound good too. c'mon, it's got a 100% guarantee, it must work.

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