May 30, 2003

so where's the decentralized grassroots wireless network revolution

yeah. where's this techno-anarchist utopia that wireless promises? how long before the telco's go bankrupt, and riaa and mpaa fall, and mickey gets freed?

was it all just some cutesy futurist dream or is the digital revolution really changing everything?

i'm just asking the questions. i don't have any answers.

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May 26, 2003

idea on a pagerank like system for weighted user ratings

i was just browsing (i'm a vt addict) and looking at some software reviews. i like to look at user reviews to see if programs are halfway decent before i install them. i generally avoid anything below a 4, especially if there are a large number of reviews. invariably some of the reviews are helpful and some are not.

it would be nice if you could vote on posts (whether or not you think the post is valuable to others) and then that information would be used to build a system of weighted ratings. users who write better posts have more weight, and their ratings of others also hold higher value. it's kind of like pagerank i guess.

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May 24, 2003

being a part of blogdom

i really don't feel like a part of blogdom (the weblog community). online communities are complicated, and the ones i'm most familar with are bbs systems such as firstclass, telefinder, and hotline. these are dedicated community software enviroments each with their own client and server software.

web based communities seem a little less tangible than bbs's. maybe it's just me. quite a number of online forums have very strong communties, and a strong sense of self and purpose. wiki's are web based too, and they very strong communal sense. really i think the web has a much greater potential than anything for building online communities, it just hasn't been exploited well yet.

all that to the side, here are some of my favorite web based communites : , , (more coming)

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May 21, 2003

geekcruises... mmm...

i've only really spent about two weeks working as an IT geek, but...

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May 17, 2003

don't take things too seriously

it bothers me when people take things to seriously. i'll concede that there are certain times when certain things are inappropriate. but for the most part, i think anything is fair game.

enjoying life involves having a sense of humor, not being offended by everything that could possibly misconstrued as remotely offensive.

and drama. drama bothers me too. look, everyone goes through shit. it sucks. talking about it is great and very important to our development as individuals. just sitting around and bitching about your life and your problems never got anyone anywhere. and it's annoying.

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May 16, 2003

downtime... oops...

sorry about my site being down for the past week. basically i just forgot to renew my domain. :/

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May 10, 2003

subversion via google

some interesting stuff over at the register. . it's almost two months old, but i don't care really.

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May 07, 2003


hi. i'm alive.

how are y oU?

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