April 24, 2003

happy b-day cat!

happy bday yayayaya!

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April 23, 2003

new wiki up and running

i've got my wiki up and running.


not much there yet, but you can help fix that.

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April 21, 2003

sdsl back up (hopefully) lots of new stuff coming

alright. so the SDSL line is supposedly working again. we'll see how long that lasts.

also, i'm working on a big art project i hope to release soon. i don't wanna give out too many details but i will say i plan to release some of the work into the public domain and some under a creative commons non-commercial license.

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April 17, 2003

bright eyes and arab strap at trees

i saw bright eyes and arab strap last night at trees.

i don't know arab strap very well, but they played a very nice set. the crowd was truly obnoxious and talked all the way through, and i couldn't understand a thing the lead singer said. oh well.

bright eyes was a bit of a let down. conner oberst is trying a little too hard to "rock" and his band (including a very over-zealous drum player with a huge afro) obliged him. i loved bright eyes as minimal folky depessing indie rockers ? a lá fevers and mirrors. in my opinion that's the best work from mr. oberst so far, althought there were a few nice moments on the desperacidos album. last night though it seemed like the band was trying to infuse some sort of punk-emo-rock vibe into most of the songs, and it really wasn't to my liking. the highlight of the show was the first encore, when conner played a very nice acoustic version of "a song to pass the time".

it was kind of an annoying show overall. it was way too crowded and full to the brim with people who really should go back to listening to pop-emo on the radio. despite this dismal review i'm glad i went to the show, although i must say i lost some respect for conner. dayz-o-lay .

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April 10, 2003

sdsl ain't working

the plan was to start hosting rett.org myself. i've done the hosting thing before, and it was a blast. then i used webstar on mac os 8.1 on a [performa 6115CD]. now I'm working with Mac OS X on a dual867 g4. i'm not used to the whole unix/bsd thing yet, so I'm moving slowly.

also, sbc is really ghey and they can't get my sdsl line to work. :/

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