March 27, 2003

a whole lot is going down

i'm working on a whole new site, re-built from the ground up. i plan on having a wiki and a weblog, and having them tightly integrated. i'd also like to have some sort of blogroll type thing - an incoming outgoing interactive link database. you know a web kind of thing. the world wide web. it's changing everything.

i love being retro 1996 . anyway.

there is a lot of cool new technology coming out. the blogging phemenom is great, and i'm most impressed by the open technologies and standards that power most of the weblog world.

i really think i'm just a huge techno-utopian. i grew up in the 90s reading wired and 2600. blue boxes are mythical and the matrix has us all. i was never scared of hal, but i had fun times saying dirty things to eliza. i digress again.

as far as my art is concerned, it's coming. i'm an artist. don't pressure me, damnit. i'm also still planing on attending mica this coming fall. hopefully i'll have some opportunities there.

so that's my life.

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March 25, 2003

help decriminalize marijuana in texas

Marijuana Policy Project: Texas

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