February 19, 2003

my weblog has moved.

i've stopped using this weblog.

instead. i've got my newer better weblog+wiki.

check it out

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February 17, 2003

naming your comp

stevenf wonders about naming computers. my current baby is "galadriel" my dual867 g4 mdd.

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February 12, 2003

osama says go to war

alright. so we've got these tapes from osama. i think he's trying to provoke the US into attacking iraq.

well, we shouldn't.

not that i know what we should do.

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February 11, 2003

nifty new konfabulator

so there's this thing out called konfabulator.

Think I can release a decent widget by the end of the week?

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February 10, 2003

free ed rosenthal!


down with ashcroft!


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February 09, 2003

pro-ana hits

it seems i'm on the second page of results on google when you search for "pro-ana". i guess that means my site has a high page-rank. or something.

anyway, it's interesting to see what kind of responses i've gotten to my original pro-ana post.

i really think pro-ana is just a newer manifestation of the timeless teen angst and depression. five years ago kids were shooting each other, now they're starving themselves. none of these trends will last.

and yes. they are trends. pro-ana is trendy and self destructive.

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ipod battery problems

i'm getting 107 minutes of use out of my ipod on 4 hours of charging (it said it was full). apple claims it lasts 10 hours on a charge.

107 minutes = 1 hour 47 minutes != 10 hours.

i'm not even getting 1/4 of the normal battery life.

it seems that i'm not the only one having problems.

** update - ipod firmware 1.2.6 makes things ok **

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npr link to gangs story

a nice story here about gangs in long island.

it's interesting because i live in a wealthy well to do upper-middle-class neighborhood. and i don't know anyone in a gang.

i also liked the part where they read the graffiti. seems people write notes to each other through graffiti. it's funny, cause i don't think of graffiti like that. i think of it as a public art form. but i'm an artist. anyway, most of the graffiti around here is just tags and variety of other subject oriented compositions. nothing remotely close to a note to someone.

- sun feb 9 2003
some more great discussion later ensues about how gangs are recruiting geeks now. seems that geeks are uh. useful. it seems modedrn gangs have websites. they're on the internet. _you_ could find gang info if you wanted.

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February 01, 2003

AIM chatrooms suck ass

yeah. they do. all of the chat rooms on aol instant messanger suck ass. they're so bad you shouldn't even check to see how bad they are. you'll start getting AOL-IM spam. that and there doesn't even seem to be anybody actually talking. it's all spambots with porn links.

i saw a spambot that acts like a young-ish girl. it says "gee i hate all the dirty porm spam here. look at my website" (full transcript pending) then you get a link so some damn porn spam. and from now on you will keep getting porn spam. it's too late. your sn has been compromised.

this is a perfect example of an online community gone bad. we could go into lessig mode and think about how the bad code is at fault. closed bad code. aim is some of the worst bloatware around and aol refuses to open their instant messaging protocol. by keeping a closed protocol and using technology to restrict technology blah blah. look, i can't describe all this stuff. i'm ending this thought and throwing out some links. i have to go to bed and if i wait to post this then i won't.

so here are the links. first the link to this idea on my wiki.

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