January 29, 2003

snip snap up

i've got snip snap up and running on my workstation. here's the link.http://adsl-66-137-152-155.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net:8668/

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January 25, 2003

knox street apple store opening

i just got back from the knox street apple store opening. it was freezing cold and there was still a huge line all the way around the block. there were probably a good 500 people in line at 10am. it was great to see.

i also checked out the new 12" powerbook it's pretty spiffy. i'll be sticking with my ibook for now though. i also got "mac os x : the missing manual" by david pogue and warcraft III.

i'll have pictures up later today.

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windows2000 exploit worm wreak havoc

it seems there's a self propagating worm that takes advantage of a big security flaw in windows2000. the flaw has been patched, but of course - not everyone has the patch installed.

anyway. read the nitty details here http://www.dslreports.com/forum/remark,5771929~root=security,1~mode=flat;start=21 . and tomorrow the mainstream press should cover it. ;)

added @5.35am cst time - more links



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January 22, 2003

service providers forced to reveal music pirates

check it out.


really kind of scary.

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please excuse my errors

i'm just noticing how many little tweaks my site needs. it's those details that count.

so please excuse me if the heading on some pages isn't uniform, or if certain alignments of text are botched. i'm working on it.

perhaps i should just give in and completely redesign the site from the ground up in xhtml 1 strict. i still like tables though.

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January 19, 2003

favicon working

i finally got my favicon working thanks to iconbuilder pro from the iconfactory. yay.

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looking for a photoblog with EXIF support

alright, i'm definately in need of an updated method for managing my photographs. i have several thousand high quality digital images, and i'm definately way to lazy to post them by hand. also, i want to have the EXIF photo info posted with the photographs.

does anyone know of a photoblog that supports EXIF file info? hook-me-up.

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stupid people in power

this guy here http://www.house.gov/berman/remarks092602.htm is a fucker.

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January 16, 2003

todays to-do list

my goals for tomorrow
(today really... i'm going to sleep at 6am)

1. release my art under a creative commons license.
2. excessively shameless self-promotion

(in keywords : rett free release publish art digital photo creative commons license excessively shameless self-promotion )

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January 15, 2003

art vs copyright

i had two gut reactions to eldred vs. ashcroft.

the first is to just give a big "fuck you" to the man. start blatantly violating copyright law, distribute flyers, get sued. we could have contests to see who can get a cease and decist letter first. lots of fun stuff.

i might be a little rebellious though. and honestly, i don't really want disney to steal everything i have. and i've been told they could.

so my second idea: how about playing around with some things. working with images, doing what i do anyway, make art. i'm planning on doing a series of "influenced" works. oddly enough, in the current commercial enviroment most of the images found today are . in fact, almost all are. call it art, call it found digital shit, call it blatant theft. i don't really care. i'm just doing my thing.

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spoon - kill the moonlight

yummy. try track two.

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copyright bullshit lives on

let me say it first and foremost. fuck the antiquidated old fucks in the supreme court. fuck the government and it's stupid corporate sponsored policies. fuck the riaa, the mpaa, and every stupid motherfucker who just doesn't get it.

ok. that's off my chest.

i'm' talking about the eldred vs ashcroft case which challenges the quasineverending extension of copyright law. what you say?

i'm not quite in the mood to explain my complete thoughts on copyright law and the public domain. basically i just stole all the ideas of lawrence lessig. after all, he wrote the future of ideas. now, before you say anything, go read the book.

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January 14, 2003

the lonely wi-fi network

i have an idea - grassroots wireless tcp/ip network that is completely seperate from the internet.

i see this taking two forms. small private wifi networks built around a single server. these wifi communities will be built around a physical location in any sort of place. maybe a farm, maybe a dairqueen, maybe a public art installation. when people want to communicate they take their laptops down into the network area and then proceed to use some sort of groupware/bbs/weblog/wiki/thing. maybe all of them.

there's also the possibility of a single huge network - a rival internet - that exists soley wirelessly and extends over most urban areas.

i imagine a future with 100% wifi coverage in most areas. i know that sounds crazy but give it ten years. think about how many people browsed the web ten years ago.

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January 04, 2003

store migration

I'm going to try and seperate the commercial and non-commercial parts of my website. Actually, I'm just going to get a new seperate domain for my "store" and keep it seperate from the main site.

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