November 30, 2002

beck - sea change

try and catch beck with the flaming lips on tour, if you still can.

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November 27, 2002

mogwai and going home

there's few things better than driving at night listening to young team.

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November 26, 2002

everything is working

alright. everything seems to be working again. i've got a few more finishing tweeks (the site banners page for instance) before we can call it version 5 of my site. also, i'm wondering if people think the blog should be on the frontpage... i'm really against it, because the whole weblog thing... well, just read my previous rants.

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rett wins

rett - 1
2.5mg of xanax - 0

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November 25, 2002


it seems all the stylesheets on my site are broken. or something. anyway, i'm in the middle of _the_ big update and all bugs should be done with shorly. let's call this version 5 pr 1. to use apple's scheme.

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November 20, 2002

i'm a fucking geek

it's twenty till seven. my menu bar says that. i'm using this neat thing called fuzzy clock because i don't the way it looks to have numbers in the menu bar. icons and text yes. numbers no. i'll post some screenshots someday.

two things. well one. actually first i'm gonna go fix up the main page to link here. a total redesign is now inevitable. i'll keep stalling though. tables forever!

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i'm gonna be a white rapper

inspiration :

note : if you don't subscribe to salon, do. otherwise your doomed to a life of ineptitude and cultural illiteracy.

so. i read this article. well, before that i was thinking about how odd it is that i can idolize musicians such as conner oberst and also chuck d. or is it odd? hip-hop is mainstream, in a way that. fuck it, this isn't going anywhere. i just hope that people stop thinking it's weird for rich white kids to like public enemy and for poor black kids to like radiohead. i like to think that on some level artistic and cultural heroes create things that defy racial boundaries.

anyway, go read the article. stanford professors write better than i do.

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November 15, 2002

firday night

go out and play.

and make sure and listen to built to spill, guided by voices, and beck, and the flaming lips, and dinosaur jr, and my bloody valentine, and modest mouse, and tribe called quest, and public enemy, and grandmasta flash. OK?

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November 13, 2002


it seems people don't quite grasp the point of this weblog. that's ok. quite frankly, i understand weblogs perfectly and find them quite inane. it's just someone writing whatever they feel like. and frankly, who else gives a damn? certainly not i. if you're thinking "wait, this guy's a hypocrite" you're almost getting the point.

somehow the phenomenon of weblogs has become synonymous with the concept of personal websites, and although i don't like to think of my site as a "personal website" i'm not going to be one of those people who writes in the third person plural about themselves. so i'm left with only one option. jump on the bandwagon and ask "are we there yet?"

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first real post

ok here's the first real post. it seems i've actually got this movabletype thing up and running. amazing, cosidering my complete lack of *nix sense. anyway, i expect i'll be posting on a regular basis now. and hopefully updating all the templates and what not.

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November 12, 2002

first post


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